Best Megan Fox's most iconic outfits | Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion

 Megan Fox has star power. After a role in Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s direct-to-video family film Holiday in the Sun and an uncredited scene in the blockbuster Bad Boys II, she rose to fame alongside Lindsay Lohan in the chaotic Disney teen comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004).

The italian fashion house founded in the 70s, Blumarine, has gone through something of a renaissance in recent years after it’s creative director, Nicola Brognano, switched up the brands offering by looking to the likes of early 00s icons such as Paris Hilton, J-Lo and Britney for inspo. Now, in the midst of Y2K fashion's glorious return, Blumarine garments from the OG era are like gold dust on Depop. 

Megan Fox's Red Carpet Fashion
Megan Fox's Red Carpet Fashion -GettyImages

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