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Adriana Lima is so astoundingly hot that she has never at any point known about FaceTune. "I don't have that!" she says when we meet at her Nightfall Pinnacle Lodging suite in L.A. "Might you at any point show it to me?" I snap my very own photo face and exhibit how to obscure pores, light up eyes, and conceal the blemishes that Brazilian supermodels don't have. She's not excessively dazzled. "I need to show what I'm really going after. Particularly when you see my exercise pictures. I'm perspiring, obliterated," says Lima, whose #TeamLima hashtag prompts a deep, dark hole of humiliated fitspo on Instagram.

Adriana Lima has consistently moved toward beauty from a wellbeing first viewpoint. Think: food is fuel, development is an unquestionable requirement, and deal with your psyche. As a mother of two young ladies and with a child kid on the way, she's determined to pass down those solid propensities to her children. "I generally need to set a model for my youngsters to deal with themselves — outwardly, yet in addition within, with what they eat and how they feel," the previous Victoria's Secret heavenly messenger says.

Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Makeup Secrets


The 35-year-old runway veteran is in Los Angeles to praise her new mission for Marc Jacobs Divine Wantonness, the following portion after Debauchery (which she likewise fronted) in Jacobs' scent portfolio. The champagne-spiked gardenia aroma is particularly private to Lima since it brings out cherished, lifelong recollections of her mom: "She had gardenias in her nursery. What's more, presently I have it myself in my home, with my youngsters, so that is the reason I love it to such an extent. What's more, aroma is so significant. It is an image of womanliness," she says. "I understand what turns me on. Debauchery."

Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Makeup Routine & Beauty Secrets

While becoming a mother has just supported her comprehensive way to deal with taking care of oneself, it at the same time flipped around her beauty bureau. "Being pregnant, I must be more careful of the things that I use on my body. Everything must be all the more perfect. I've been utilizing all that is basically as organic and pure as could be expected," Lima says. She's exchanged her old skincare for regular choices directly from the Entire Food sources beauty path, patched up her shower arrangement (Weleda body wash is her sacred goal), and, surprisingly, began washing her face with solely packaged or pH-balanced water.

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