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Christian Dior fashion and beauty global minister Jisoo of K-pop gathering Blackpink had a truly mind-blowing outing last week when the genius visited Dior's atelier in Paris, France, right as the house put on its '60s-themed spring/summer 2022 fashion show. And keeping in mind that Jisoo reported minutes from the outing on her Instagram, she and Dior set up a delightful video journal so everybody could take in what Jisoo saw there, alongside the things she loved most, from the lively shades of this season's pieces of clothing to the well known 1995 Woman Dior pack from the house's documents that the late Princess Diana conveyed.

Jisoo got to see this season's new outfits in the background in the atelier and find out about their motivation; visit Dior Héritage and find out about the house's broad history and what it meant for imaginative chief Maria Grazia Chiuri's new collection; and talk with the house's makeup craftsman about what enlivened the beauty search for last week's runway show. She likewise, obviously, was first line at the fashion show.


BLACKPINK JISOO Shopping at Dior Store

For the Dior minister's most memorable visit to see the dainty mains, Jisoo took a camera team with her to catch the set of experiences illustration for her devotees. From nitty gritty ganders at Marc Bohan's variety pop '60s manifestations - which propelled Maria Grazia's spring/summer 2022 collection - to her excursion through the purse chronicles (obviously, she succumbed to the Woman Dior named after the Princess of Ridges), it's a fantasy dream work out as expected for the 26-year-old fashion plate.

Jisoo talked about what struck her most about this season's collection. "The brilliant varieties and realistic components made the current year's fashion show considerably more powerful," she said in Korean, which the house meant English in the video's captions. "At the point when I see the set with the models dressed in this multitude of varieties, I feel like I'm in a computer game. There were such countless lovely outfits. I loved them all! Assuming I needed to pick only one, the dress with the strip at the chest that I saw would be my number one."

With the ascent of Hallyu, the world has become more familiar with Korean culture and characters. Jisoo, who hails from Gunpo, south of Seoul, is a local Korean speaker. However she and individual Blackpink individuals have delivered tunes in English, it was a reviving second to hear Jisoo talk somewhat French — and as it should be. Parisians are infamous for their love of language, and hearing her say "Bonjour!" (hi) and "À demain" (see you tomorrow) demonstrates how well she typifies her job as a global diplomat for a French brand.

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