[Blackpink] ROSÉ Style Makeup Guide by Blackpink's Makeup Artist Maeng ㅣSemi-smoky Makeup

Rose's skincare routine used to be basic until she found her skin was enduring, as she talks about in her Vogue France video, where she is seen preparing for the 2023 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week.

Rose's skincare routine consolidates an oil cleanser. As she expressed in the Vogue video, she saw no point in cleaning her face completely when she didn't wear makeup. In the wake of seeing her skin turning out to be unpleasant, she began utilizing similar cleansing routine each and every day, even on her sans makeup days.

An oil cleanser is perfect for eliminating your makeup without being unpleasant on your skin. It liquefies it all away and is the most effective way to eliminate waterproof items. While utilizing an oil cleanser, make a point to apply it to dry skin and back rub it in.

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