First impressions of Friends of the Brand | Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry Collection


Inspired by a unique approach to jewelry, the new BVLGARI BVLGARI jewels offer endless styling options. Brightly hued gemstones provide a pop of color for young women looking to wear their jewels with a touch of irreverence, mixing and matching, mismatching and stacking to create a look of their own.

Bulgari uncovers the wonder of luxury watches that are a blend of the sparkling magnificence of Italian craftsmanship and the flawless customs of Swiss watchmaking. Straight out of the sparkling oceans of the Mediterranean and the plentiful reefs, the unequivocally exquisite extravagance of this submerged domain has been flawlessly caught and rejuvenated with these one of a kind watches.

Blending two driving viewpoints that commend the persevering soul of Bulgari in the absolute best way, this collection is separated into three universes: every one of them emphatically referring to an orchestra of images, environments, and motivations; "Southern Brilliance", "Roman Magnificence" and "East Meets West".

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