Top 10 Beauty Brands in India


Top 10 Beauty Brands in India

Is it true that you are the person who is searching for the main 10 cosmetic brands in India? If yes! Then you are on the right page. In the present time, there is a great many cosmetics that you will find. Yet at the same time, picking the best cosmetic products that suit your skin and your pocket is exceptionally hard. Your face is the most sensitive piece of your body and to deal with it well, you want to put resources into a few quality products.

Peruse this article completely which we have made only for yourself and pick the best and restrictive makeup brand. Here we have made a rundown of the main 10 Cosmetic Brands in India to make it simple for you.

Jaquline USA

Jaquline USA is a corrective brand that gives the best quality makeup items to make you sparkle significantly more normally. A brand is obtained by Dabur India Restricted. At Jaquline USA, you can get customized skincare and beauty items online. Jaquline USA items are dermatologist-tried and remorselessness free that tenderly deal with your skin and permit you to wear them serenely. Accessible for all skin types, tones, and appearances, Jaquline USA is the ideal locations for all wonders who believe that should do their makeup online shopping at the best prices.


Lakme is India's driving brand in beauty care products as it satisfies the necessities of different skin tones and skin types from slick to dry. Across the world, Lakme is well eminent on account of its normal makeup range. The primary focal point of this brand is giving reasonable yet quality makeup. Lakme all day range has acquired extraordinary audits from makeup fans and beauty specialists the same.


Maybelline was established in New York and came to India in 1998. The motivation behind why it is extremely popular in India is its efficient price range. Maybelline dispatches its makeup range in India as per the surfaces and skin tones of individuals here.

L’Oréal Professional

It is truly outstanding and notable restorative brands in India. It had laid out in 1909 in Paris and the year 1994, L'Oréal India was established. It sells various restorative items for skincare, haircare, scent, makeup, individual consideration, and so on. There is a great deal of salon chain of L'Oréal Proficient that offers different administrations.


RENEE is an Indian makeup brand that intends to reclassify the beauty business with a very good quality, FDA-endorsed, and mercilessness unfenced of corrective items. Each item is exceptional and imaginative. RENEE forms its items to meet the beauty needs of present day ladies.


Revlon is known as the primary unfamiliar variety restorative brand to enter the corrective business. It was presented in the Indian market in the year 1995. Revlon offers many quality items. Its items have upgraded and formed the way of life of current ladies in India. Its primary objective is to turn into the first class and most famous beauty brand on the planet.


Colorbar is an Indian Corrective Brand. It was established by Sameer Modi in 2004. This corrective brand offers an enormous scope of makeup and skincare items. From lipsticks, eyeliners, nail paints, concealers, and establishments to numerous different items. All variety bar beauty care products are sans remorselessness and this has likewise been affirmed by PETA.


MyGlamm is an Indian individual consideration and corrective brand which is situated in Mumbai. It was established in 2015. MyGlamm restorative reach is profoundly lavish yet conservative for clients. The most amazing thing about MyGlamm is that it is the first unicorn fire up in Quite a while in private consideration and makeup. It offers brutality free, PETA-endorsed, and veggie lover beauty items.


M.A.C was presented in the year 1984 in Toronto and beginning around 1998, it turned out to be essential for the Estee-Lauder Organizations. Right away, it just assembling its items for makeup craftsmen and models however it in the end moved its market division from a specialty to the worldwide market. It was first presented in the Indian market in 2012 with its makeup assortment "M.A.C Selena." The organizations' Special Selling Point (USP) is its notable variety bed and its striking reds among others.

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