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The actress uncovers the items in her beauty bag and how she utilizes make-up to investigate her "various characters"

Sydney Sweeney Beauty Secrets

Whether portraying a shimmering Cassie Howard in violent high schooler show Euphoria or a shameless informant in coarse spine chiller Reality, the actress Sydney Sweeney is spellbinding to watch. The equivalent can be said for her honorary pathway appearances where - as one of the style world's most current sweethearts - she executes horde looks easily. A major piece of her changes, she tells us, is the utilization of beauty as a device.

All things considered, when she strips everything back, she feels the most true. "I feel most gorgeous while I'm wearing pants and a shirt and I have next to no make-up on and my hair is simply down and blow-dried." She pictures it: "I'm home and I'm on the lake, or I'm skiing, and I'm grinning and blissful - and the most 'me'."

It's this "regular, easy" vibe that shapes her unique style, she says, with "a little wing" or "a naked lip" to improve things. "I'll either do concealer or I'll utilize a light layer of the [Giorgio Armani] Glowing Silk Establishment," she says of her make-up. The best tip she gained from a make-up craftsman is that less truly is more, "since then you get to fabricate and switch your make-around from start to finish, rather than beginning with something over the top and afterward removing it". She likewise likes "a truly blushy cheek" - because of the Giorgio Armani Brilliant Silk Shine Blush in conceal 52 - and frequently goes after the brand's Lip Power lipstick in conceal 104. It's "my go-to lipstick since it is the most normal for my lip tone," she shares.

Sydney Sweeney Skincare Secrets

Uncovering her other most loved items, she refers to the 111Skin Heavenly Dark Jewel Masks, noticing "I go on and on about them constantly" (which celeb doesn't?); the TheraFace Master Facial Conditioning Gadget which she adores for "chiseling" her face; the Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Eye Cream and Laneige Lip Resting Mask. Plus, significantly, her #1 fragrance.

"Beauty to me is a method for communicating my thoughts," Sweeney says in our elite video, above. "I nearly take a stab at various characters of myself, whether I need to feel courageous or hot or coy or spitfire - it's a method for investigating that large number of various characters."

"I finish everything with Armani My Way," she says of the eau de parfum. "I love every one of the notes, I love the wonderful way it makes me feel and how it makes me smell. Everybody knows when I stroll in a room since I shower myself in it."

To hear a greater amount of Sweeney's item proposals - and her special beauty reasoning - watch the video in full, here.

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