Artificial intelligence comes to farming in India | BBC News

Artificial intelligence comes to farming in India

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help detect field boundaries and bodies of water to enable sustainable farming practices, improve crop yields, and support India's 1.4 billion people and the rest of the world.

For example on one vineyard, sensor devices are being used to check weather and soil health.

India has used traditional methods of agriculture for generations, but with 1.4 billion people now dependant on the crops farmers produce, some are turning to technology to boost productivity and profit.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can then figure out when it's time to water the crops, add fertiliser and tackle pests.

The establishment of AI in India can be attributed to the efforts of several pioneering individuals and institutions. it will continue to significantly augment decision-making in the effort to move agriculture toward a more sustainable, efficient, and climate-friendly future.

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