A Computer Teacher Is Earning Rs 20 Lakh Per Harvest From Pearl Farming

Are you wondering how to do pearl farming in people's ponds? Vinod Bharti from Rajasthan started growing pearl oysters after losing his livelihood and today earns Rs 20 lakh per batch. With short monsoon season and low rainfall, Rajasthan is considered as the most water scarce state in the country. Undeterred by the water crisis of the arid region, Vinod Bharti turned to pearl oyster farming, said to be the most lucrative business in the country. For him, pearl farming appeared as an economically viable opportunity at a time when he had lost all means of earning a living.

Starting with an initial investment of Rs 45,000, a first-time teacher earns up to Rs 20 lakh per unit from pearl farming. Today, it has established a market base not only in India but also internationally in the UAE and Thailand.

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