Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Apple iPhone 15: Full Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Apple iPhone 15

The Galaxy S24 is Samsung's entry level, negligible lead phone, and it has entered the market testing its opponents. One of these competitors is, clearly, Apple's iPhone 15, which was conveyed in September last year. Along these lines, we are here to set these two contrary to each other and figure out what they are about.

The differentiations between the two phones have generally gone on as before over the recent years: three versus two cameras, Android versus iOS, Apple's Bionic chipsets versus Qualcomm's Snapdragon... Regardless, this time around Samsung has carried out two basic improvements that bring it more into the spotlight: a more outrageous focus on man-made cognizance and an immense stretching out of the product support window!

Once more unprecedented for quite a while, it really feels like the old preliminary Samsung that we know and love has returned, and the separation its S24 series makes with the more protected and conspicuous iPhone 15 is clearly recognizable. We ought to see how that separation looks when seen from into close!


Like its ancestors, the Galaxy S24 accompanies three cameras implanted in its back board. That incorporates the fundamental (wide), a super wide, and a devoted 3X fax camera. The iPhone 15, then again, doesn't have a fax and just accompanies a 2X sensor crop, taking everything into account.

The Galaxy S24 likewise accompanies new advantages thanks to Samsung's new spotlight on man-made consciousness. Samsung says that artificial intelligence has made its new lead setup more proficient in low-light circumstances because of cutting edge commotion calculations that outcome in a more clear picture while taking photographs and recording video. Colors are likewise more consistent with existence with the S24's cameras, as Samsung has added a committed variety tuning arrangement.

The principal thing you will see is that the Galaxy S24's primary camera has a more extensive field of view, so it catches more in a solitary shot contrasted with the iPhone 15. Nonetheless, probably due to the 24MP default, the iPhone's photographs look more keen contrasted with the 12MP photographs from the S24.

The Galaxy's photograph is hazier and more immersed, though the one from the iPhone shows more detail in the hazier region of the picture and has more impartial, normal tones.

During evening time, the Galaxy S24 is the one to accomplish improved results, offering significantly more detail both in the shadows and in the features. Presently, for the dim regions it is genuinely self-evident, for example, the garbage cans at the base appropriate for instance. To analyze how the two phones have uncovered for the features, you can check out at the light at the extreme left that is enlightening the blue sign underneath it.

Video Quality

The sound quality that Apple figures out how to gather from its mobile gadgets, including the iPhone 15, has been noteworthy for quite a long time. There's a lot of base emerging from this little telephone, emitting a sound that feels good adjusted.

The Galaxy S24, then again, sounds a piece frustrating for a 2024 lead. Its speakers experience difficulty covering the low frequencies more than the opposition, and that is including different leads other than the iPhone 15, similar to the Pixel 8 for instance. To top everything off, the S24 doesn't get as clearly as its adversaries all things considered.

Battery Life and Charging

The Galaxy S24 accompanies a 4,000 mAh battery limit, and the iPhone 15's battery is 3,349 mAh. Samsung said that battery duration has improved, so we hope to see noticeable changes when we put it through our battery tests. Considering that the Galaxy S23 beat the iPhone 15 in our perusing and video real time battery tests just barely, we expect that hole will just expand. The inquiry is whether it will close the approximately 2 hour contrast in our 3D Gaming test, which the iPhone 15 won.

Concerning charging, the two phones are promoted to energize to around half quickly, with the specific wired charging speeds being left unknown. We do be aware, in any case, that the remote charging speeds for the two phones max out at 15W. The main contrast between the S24 and iPhone 15 as far as charging is that the previous is fit for turn around remote charging, while the last option of opposite wired charging (both are 4.5W).

Design and Size

The Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 15 are to some degree like each other with regards to estimate and weight, offering purchasers a more modest lead telephone at a good cost. Be that as it may, the likenesses don't end there this time around, as Samsung has made a critical shift (by the present guidelines) in the plan of its non-Ultra phones, forming them into even more a level block of metal and glass, rather than a smooth stone.

Be that as it may, you can definitely relax, the S24 isn't just level sides, a level display, and a level back. The edges have a slight point to them to make the telephone more agreeable to hold. In spite of the fact that, we actually felt like the S24 dove in into our hands somewhat more than anticipated when we got to hold it during our involved involvement in the telephone.

Protection-wise, the two phones accompany an IP68 water and residue obstruction rating, which is the best you will get in a standard leader phones right now. One thing that the iPhone 15 is known for is its somewhat more strong glass named "Ceramic Safeguard." The Galaxy S24 accompanies the new Gorilla Glass Victus 2, however not at all like the Gorilla Glass Reinforcement on the S24 Ultra, the Victus 2 isn't said to offer that enormous of a leap in sturdiness, so we dare to figure that the iPhone's protection is still somewhat ahead for this situation.

Display Differences

The iPhone 15 has a display that is seemingly truly outstanding available with regards to picture quality. That being said, there is one significant drawback that obviously puts it behind while contrasting it with Galaxy S24 (or S23 besides), and that is all there is to it 60Hz invigorate rate. Interestingly, the Galaxy S24 not just keeps on shaking a 120Hz smooth display like its ancestor, yet presently likewise upholds a 1-120Hz variable invigorate rate, which makes its display much more power-proficient.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Apple redesigned the pinnacle splendor with its most recent iPhones, including the iPhone 15, which goes to 2000 nits, Samsung has furnished the S24 with a significantly more splendid display that can arrive at 2600 nits. This is one of those numbers that producers attempt to "twist reality" with, as the number given as a rule doesn't compare to the general brilliance level of the screen, yet our own tests show that the S24 is, to be sure, way more splendid than the iPhone 15.

Other than the invigorate rate and brilliance, the two phones have likewise estimated OLED screens which accompany heavenly difference levels, variety reproduction and exactness, as well as HDR execution.

Performance and Software

The Galaxy S24 comes in two varieties in regards to its processor — very much like its ancestors did in 2022 and before that — and those are the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (4nm) for North America or the Exynos 2400 (4nm) until the end of the world. Presently, remember that set of experiences has demonstrated the Snapdragon variations to be more fit and solid, while the Exynos models normally accompany a few issues joined to them, for example, lower power effectiveness as well as execution.

On the iPhone's side we have Apple's A16 Bionic, which is the equivalent chipset that accompanied the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max the year before. Since it is one year more seasoned and not the most recent from Apple doesn't mean it is unable however, as it actually figures out how to be one of the top entertainers even a year after the fact.

Reality of the situation is, leaving the Exynos chipset aside, both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the A16 Bionic are finished forces to be reckoned with and are bounty great for whatever can be tossed at them, so certifiable experience ought to feel similarly wonderful with both of the two phones.

One advantage with the S24, is the way that its base storage begins at 256GB, while the iPhone 15 beginnings at 128GB. The S24 likewise has a touch more RAM than the iPhone 15, albeit considering how contrastingly the two phones use this equipment it isn't exactly important for this situation.

Presently, on the subject of programming support, Apple had that as a significant advantage for its phones for quite a while. Nonetheless, after Google declared that it will be supporting its lead phones for a considerable length of time directly from now on, Samsung appears to have acknowledged that, and presently it will likewise uphold its leads with 7 years of Android updates and security patches, beginning with the S24.

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