The Best Places to Visit in Berlin

The Best Places to Visit in Berlin

Find hints of Germany's isolated past at the Berlin Wall dedication, or go on a directed visit around Third Reich destinations like the Reichstag Building and Brandenburg Entryway. For customized suggestions, attempt our computer based intelligence trip-arranging item.

Reichstag Building

Reichstag Building was located only north of the Brandenburg Door, this building houses the German Parliament and was the seat of the Weimar Republic government until it was held onto by the Nazis in 1933.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate was located in a dead zone among East and West Germany during the Cold War, this popular landmark, worked during the eighteenth century rule of Friedrich Wilhelm II, has for quite some time been a characterizing image of Berlin and both the city's division and unification.

East Side Gallery

This mile-extended length of the Berlin Wall is one of the biggest excess parts of the previous split among East and West Germany.

In the spring of 1990, after the kickoff of the Berlin Wall, this part was painted by 118 specialists from 21 nations. The specialists remarked on the political changes of 1989/90 in a decent hundred canvases on the Wall that was previously pointing toward the East Berlin.

The Museum Island 

The Exhibition hall Island is a gallery complex on the northern piece of the Binge Island in the notable heart of Berlin, Germany. It is one of the capital's most visited sights and one of the main exhibition hall locales in Europe.

All five museums are amazing. We find Pergamon Museum the most underwhelmed because everyone gives such great review so expectation was high. Part of the museum was closed, even though the Babylon section was pretty, there wasn’t too much content in rest of the museum.


This tremendous rich park extends through focal Berlin and gives a loosening up difference to the clamor of the remainder of the city.

The Tiergarten, formal German name: Großer Tiergarten, is Berlin's most famous ghetto park, found totally in the area of a similar name. The recreation area is 210 hectares in size and is among the biggest metropolitan nurseries of Germany. Just the Tempelhofer Park and Munich's Englischer Garten are bigger.

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