Beautiful Wedding Official INDIA Trailer

Beautiful Wedding Movie 2024

Fresh off the release of Dylan Sprouse's movie Beautiful Disaster, his personality Travis is set out toward one wild honeymoon.

On Wednesday, Individuals appeared the first trailer for Beautiful Disaster's sequel named Beautiful Wedding. In the film, Travis (Sprouse) and Abby (Virginia Gardner), after they got married in Las Vegas, go to their honeymoon in Mexico.

Abby tells Travis she feels the couple have not had a lot of chance to rest since their tumultuous relationship portrayed in Beautiful Disaster started. At the point when Travis says he wants to have a lone ranger party, Abby agrees, and the pair head to Mexico with a gathering of friends.

In Mexico, Abby and Travis' new marriage is tested by interactions with various people. One lady Abby meets at a spa, Vivian (played by Kyle Richards) implores Abby to seek out consideration from various men.

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